The Secret of Running

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  • Laurent says:

    Hello Hans and Ron,

    Thank you for the book! I’m enjoying reading it. I’m not following a following in Chap 20 where you relate FTP and Vo2max. Vo2max is expressed in ml/kg/min and DeltaG in KJ/L of O2, it seems than when doing the conversion, we should end up with Vo2max in L/kg/Min vs. ml/kg/min? could you help me there? thx L

    • Hi Laurent,
      Thanks for the question and we are happy that you enjoy reading our book.
      The answer is that delta G is indeed expressed in kJ/LO2 which is equivalent to J/mLO2.
      So you can convert the VO2 max in mlO2/kg/min to 0.25*19.55J/kg/min.
      As 1 Watt is 1 J/s, you also have to divide by 60 (seconds in 1 minute) to come to Watt/kg which is the unit of the FTP.
      Best regards,
      Hans van Dijk

  • Ron van Megen Ron van Megen says: